Fidget Pen


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Fidget Pen
Fidget Pen
Fidget Pen
Fidget Pen
Fidget Pen
Fidget Pen
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Manage your stress with this pen

There are many things in one's life that can contribute to stress such as school, your boss, and practically your day-to-day life. The Fidget Pen can make your office life bearable as it is not just for writing but is also a focus tool. This pen can be arranged into different forms to help manage fidgety behavior. The Fidget Pen bends and spins and encourages creativity. Its titanium exterior makes it a durable tool to have around especially is a stressful environment. Fidget discreetly and calm your mind any time!

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Dimensions: 145*10mm
Gender: Unisex
Battery: no
Mfg Series Number: Toy
Theme: Science
Material: Metal
Age Range: Grownups
Model Number: Think ink pen

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